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Moxi DVR adds network media streaming, Rhapsody

A software update to Digeo's Moxi DVR adds a variety of network media features.

Digeo Moxi screenshot with PlayOn

Digeo is adding several networking features to its Moxi DVR via a free firmware upgrade. Available to Moxi owners by the end of the week, the new functions are as follows:

Media Link: Stream digital media (videos, photos, and music) from DLNA-certified devices on your home network.

PlayOn: Watch Internet-based videos from a variety of online providers, including Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, and ESPN. This requires a PC running PlayOn's software. (It's normally $40, but Digeo is offering a free license key to current and new Moxi owners for a limited time.)

Rhapsody: Onscreen access to the Rhapsody subscription music service (requires Rhapsody subscription; free trial available).

eControls: Onscreen access to Z-wave-certified home automation products within your home, including lighting controls and security cameras.

MoxiNet: Bookmark any Web site at, and then access it on your TV via the Moxi.

In addition to those new features, Moxi is also expanding its Flickr photo viewing functionality with "Mosaic," a new viewing mode that offers many more photos on the screen at once.

The upgrades should help Digeo as it competes against TiVo (which also offers network media streaming and Rhapsody, for instance, as well as other premium services such as Netflix and Amazon Video On Demand) and generic "free" DVRs from cable providers. Moxi has a high up-front cost of $800, but--unlike TiVo--it doesn't require any additional fees thereafter (not including cable service fees, of course).

CNET has obtained a Moxi review sample, and--once we get a visit from the CableCard installer next week--we'll be doing a full review of the product. (Note that PlayOn would seem to be a killer app; we've had mixed results when using earlier versions of the service on a PlayStation 3--so we're particularly interested in hands-on testing of that feature in particular.) In the meantime: let us know if you think these upgrades make Moxi any more tempting--or if that high up-front price tag is still a deal killer.

Update, 9:15 a.m. PT: Additional info regarding the free PlayOn offer has been added.