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'Movie Cowboy' rides into Japanese market

Name aside, this dock will work with a portable hard drive to carry movies wherever you go.

Digital Cowboy

If there's any company that's in dire need of international marketing help, it's Digital Cowboy (need we say more?). As if the Japanese manufacturer's name weren't bad enough, it instantly casts doubt over seemingly decent products like the unfortunately christened "Movie Cowboy."

Moniker aside, this portable multimedia storage device will work with any 2.5-inch hard drive, then provide a dock that can transmit the video for viewing through its USB port, according to Engadget. It claims to have all the outputs needed for the full HD experience, including stereo, coaxial digital, and HDMI.

It will be available soon for about $237, but only on the Japanese market. That may not be a bad thing anyway, because they'd probably want to consider changing the name before sending it westward.