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Move over toaster, here comes the wine fridge

Wine refrigerator offers sleek and silent countertop operation.

Chilled wine on the countertop.

Countertop appliances are convenient, plentiful, and seemingly available for any particular need. From toaster ovens to rice cookers, the small devices have found a way into our kitchens, offering us easy usability and specialized functions all without taking up too much room. Having an army of small appliances ready to do our culinary bidding may be handy and useful, but sometimes it's just about storage. In the case of this particular countertop device, it's about wine storage.

The Wine Enthusiast Silent 12 Bottle Countertop Wine Refrigerator keeps your favorite wines at the correct temperature and ready to drink. The easy access storage solution not only acts as a functional device, but it takes advantage of its freestanding countertop design by looking sleek and stylish. With a 12-bottle capacity while standing only 15 inches tall (15.75 inches wide and 19.75 inches deep), the small refrigerator maximizes its space, while providing enough chilled wine to keep the party going.

Looking good on the countertop may be a feature of this compact wine chiller, but it also offers silent operation. Using thermoelectric cooling, which requires no moving parts, the compact refrigerator can stay in constant operation without being a distraction. Complete with interior light and digital display, this countertop machine looks good and offers convenience normally reserved for toasters and microwaves. While I doubt the toaster is going to get jealous anytime soon, it will have to learn how to share some space.