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Move over, Flowbee, it's the laser haircut

Laser guided scissors for paper, fabric and...hair?

Please don't try these at home without sending us the pictures. Think Geek

Someone in marketing overreached with this one. While these laser-guided scissors look fun, I'm not sure they're a necessity.

OK, maybe you want to sew your own laptop case and hate chalking or pinning stuff. Or maybe you don't want to be bothered drawing a straight line in grease pencil when cutting those photos you printed yourself.

Sounds like a sensible sales pitch, no?

Oh, no. The ambitious seller of these fancy battery-run scissors has far more in mind. Why not try cutting hair with them?! Think Geek, which sells the gadget for $17.99, promises "laser-accurate haircuts."

Razor-cut layers may be the height of hair couture, but laser cuts? I think this one may go the way of the Flowbee.

Incidentally, if anyone buys these scissors and actually uses them to cut hair, we want to see the results. Please send us your photos.