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MovableType's movable feast gets more definition, more open source

MovableType is going open source. All of it. This is good news.

Six Apart announced some time ago that it would be open sourcing its excellent blogging platform, MovableType. However, it has moved dates around a few times, and originally intended to do a semiproprietary model with the software.

No more. As noted here, MovableType will be 100 percent open source, and will be released in December:

This is really good for open source community, but it raises questions for commercial users--what will be the benefit of purchased commercial version (apart from professional support)? Now it looks like new idea is not to remove anything from open source, but instead add something to commercial version!.

Exactly. That is the open-source model: to give more, rather than to remove more. It's all about finding and delivering additional "analog" value to add to an easily reproduced good (software). Give the digital away and charge for the analog.