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Mouthing off: This is what 100 coats of lipstick looks like

You're going to want to see how it peels off at the end of this video experiment that's already gone viral.

Think those extreme eaters are daring, stuffing dozens of hot dogs down their gullets? There's a world of extreme makeup videos out there, and they can be just as fascinating.

YouTube makeup channel host Mayra recently posted an 8-minute video in which she applies 100 -- that's right, 100 -- coats of liquid lipstick to her own lips. A counter in the corner tracks the applications. She uses 50 different colors, each one twice.

After just four coats, she comments, "My lips right now, feel drier than ever." Soon the glossy buildup is so huge she can't even drink from a straw. But she soldiers on, for science! The process takes 8 hours (with one break), but Mayra never falters, even as her lips grow to entire-hive-of-bee stings size and begin to look a little Frankensteiny.

When the experiment's over and she scrapes the lipstick off with a mini-trowel, the resulting jam-packed layers look like sedimentary rock. "That is so gross!" she tells her audience. "By the way, I feel like my lips are now breathing (again)."

Mayra notes that she's not the first makeup artist to try the 100 layer liquid-lipstick experiment, and others have tried 100 layers of foundation, 200 layers of nail polish and various cosmetic challenges. Since the lipstick video went up on July 15, it's already clocked more than 8 million views, even though some watchers are unclear why they tuned in.

"I don't know why but this gave me anxiety," wrote YouTube commenter Molly Ayres. And said a viewer going by Rainbow Sparkle 73: "Who else thought it was satisfying when she took it off?"