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Mouse costs more than a laptop (almost $1,200)

Wireless Bluetooth mouse out of the Netherlands will cost you a whopping $1,176.80. Yowza.

1,176.80 mouse
Intelligent Design

Great. So you sprang for an uber-expensive laptop the likes of the Sony Vaio X or Dell Adamo. But what's this? You dare put your el cheapo $50 mouse next to that gorgeous and overpriced portable?

If you do not want to be arrested by the fashion police, then only this wireless mouse by Dutch firm Intelligent Design will do. To quote from the press release, the ID Mouse is made from "grade 1 titanium and high-quality plastic resin" and has a neodymium scroll wheel. Using the standard Bluetooth protocol, it requires two AAA-size batteries to power its laser sensor and comes in white or black.

But that's not the best part. This oh-so-desirable rodent has an oh-so-expensive price tag of 800 euros ($1,176.80). Compatible with both Windows and Mac, you can order one at the Web site--if you've got cash to burn.

(Source: Crave Asia)