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Motorola's Pebl and Slvr

Motorola's Pebl and Slvr

Motorola is still mum about exactly when and where we'll see it, but the sleek Pebl V6 is still on track for a U.S. debut. Shaped like, well, a pebble, the Pebl has smooth, rounded edges and a metal finish. It's almost cute in a way, if you can call a cell phone cute. Features include Bluetooth, 5MB of internal memory, a VGA camera with MPEG-4 video recorder, an MP3 player, text and multimedia messaging, support for e-mail and instant messaging, Java (J2ME) support, voice dialing, and a WAP 2.0 wireless Web browser. Motorola also continues to show the Slvr V8, which is the candy bar-style answer to the Razr V3. Stay tuned for its formal coming-out.