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Motorola's new 15 seconds of anti-Apple 1984 ad

Earlier this week, Motorola released a teaser for an anti-Apple, anti-Big Brother Xoom ad to run during Sunday's big game. Now the company releases 15 seconds of the real thing.

If you had thought, or even hoped, that a Motorola ad released earlier this week, railing at Apple's alleged controlling of the world, was the real thing, then you will be disappointed.

However, if you live your life believing that Apple's bells, whistles, balls, and chains prevent you from walking and thinking, you may rejoice a little more.

For Motorola has released 15 seconds of the ad the company will actually run to launch its Xoom tablet during tomorrow's big game.

What an extraordinary, moving, revolutionary ad it promises to be. Perhaps.

The company wants you, who have been so silly as to buy an iPad, to understand that you are merely one big woolly sheep. You have been duped into conformity, uniformity, perhaps even psychological deformity, by Apple's wicked Big Brother brainwashing.

Motorola understands you. It knows you are desperately reading "1984" on your iPad. It knows you like wearing your tie down like Johnny Depp (or Rupert Everett in "Another Country"). It knows you like a tight gray sweater to encircle your lean, fit frame. It knows you like flowers.

One can only hope that, when this ad finally airs, the whole of America will utter a relieved roar, leap from its sofa, and applaud a new beginning, a new magic, a new revolution.

Personally, I am hoping for a little humor in the midst of all this Xoom-peddling doom-mongering.

But then I always thought "1984" was a comedy.