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Motorola's Moto X, Droid line pop up in leaked pictures

The picture becomes a bit clearer for a number of upcoming Android-powered handsets.

A seemingly "press ready" render of the Droid Maxx. evleaks

Motorola Mobility appears to have a lot up its sleeve.

Leaked photos and chatter surfacing over the holiday weekend has helped to clear up the picture for the new flagship device as well as a number of Verizon-exclusive models. As it stands today we may have no fewer than five handsets to look forward to in the coming months: Droid Ultra Maxx, Droid (Razr) Ultra, Droid (Razr) M Ultra, Droid Ultra Mini, and Moto X.

We might better understand the various products floating around if we knew the names and corresponding model numbers. According to a recent report from Twitter account @evleaks, the breakdown is as follows: Droid Ultra = XT1080, Droid Maxx = XT1080M, Droid Mini = XT1030, and Moto X = XT1060.

Assuming Verizon and Motorola don't stray from their current path we might infer the Droid Ultra to be the "standard" model, with the Maxx being the high-capacity battery flavor and the Mini being more akin to today's Droid Razr M. It's possible the the M Ultra and Ultra Mini are one in the same; however we may not want to rule out the possibility of two separate models.

Reports suggest the Moto X will be offered in a variety of custom color choices.

Among other things, the Moto X is expected to be offered with user-defined color choices and engravings for the shell. According to a recent (translate) report, there will be up to 16 colors to choose from, blue, purple, red, and green being among them. In addition to the color options, users may also be able to pick from a variety of finishes. New photos from Monday show a slightly more textured design to the shell. For what it's worth, custom finishes have been rumored for months and, at one time, included word of a wood case.

Might this be one of the texture choices for the back of the Moto X?

Based on what has been reported thus far the Moto X will be more about experience than top-tier hardware. Given the relatively mid-range hardware that has been leaked, we could only hope for a low-cost handset that appeals to the everyman smartphone user.

I'll go out on a limb here: we might even hope for a $199 no-contract handset with stock Android. Admittedly, I do not have any concrete evidence that points to such an experience. Rather, it just feels like something that Google and Motorola might do for such a big re-entry into the market. High-end devices such as the Nexus 4 were offered at $299 without a contract so perhaps "last year's hardware" might fetch a more attractive price.

The so-called Droid Ultra could be a variation of the next Droid Maxx smartphone. XDA

Recent details for the XT1080 Droid Ultra suggest a larger display size, three capacitive buttons, and a high-capacity battery. Pictures making the rounds this week show the phone as possibly being offered in a white finish.

Presumably, the XT1080M Droid Ultra Maxx is a similar experience but with a larger, even higher-capacity battery. If history is an indicator, then this version could fetch a slight premium for those who need the all-day juice and don't mind an extra millimeter or two. A new photo, courtesy of evleaks, shows the familiar Kevlar finish and angular shoulders of recent Droid models.

The virtual floodgates have opened up; we could look forward to a slew of new information and reports to surface in the coming weeks. With some of the details now coming from more official channels, it sounds like we're getting pretty close to announcements.