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Motorola Z6w: Moderate update fails to impress

Motorola just announced the launch of a slightly updated version of the Z6 handset -- the Z6w. There's not much to see but hey, at least it's new, right?

Motorola, not content with boring everyone to the point of embarrassment with two new handsets, has updated one of last year's models -- the Z6. It's now called the Z6w (the 'w' probably stands for whatthehellarewemessingaboutat) and signals the inclusion of Wi-Fi and a docking cradle! Apart from that it's much the same as the old model.

If you need reminding, the Z6 is a quad-band slider phone with a 2-megapixel camera, a 240x320-pixel screen, a music player, 64MB of internal memory, microSD expandability and Bluetooth. So pretty much what you'd expect in 2007, but unless you're oblivious to the Earth's movement through space, you'll know it's now 2008 -- a year of HSDPA, GPS, 5-megapixel cameras and streaming video.

The Z6w will be available from Q2 onwards for a price not yet disclosed. -Nate Lanxon