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Motorola Xoom zooms to Best Buy on Feb. 24?

A Best Buy in Michigan reveals that the retail store will offer the Xoom tablet starting February 24, a week later than suggested by an earlier Best Buy leak.

Best Buy

A brief tidbit of information shared by a Best Buy outlet now says the Motorola Xoom will hit store shelves on February 24, a week later than some initial reports had claimed.


The Best Buy store in Grand Rapids, Mich., revealed the date on its Facebook page even though Motorola itself has yet to announce an official, specific launch day for its new tablet. The February 24 date also runs counter to previous reports that said the Xoom would arrive at Best Buy a week earlier, on Feb. 17.

Beyond leaking the debut date of the Xoom, this particular Best Buy outlet also revealed the upcoming dates for the Verizon iPhone (which had already been slated for release on Feb 10), the HTC Thunderbolt smartphone (Feb. 14), and another gadget called the Samsung Presto Hotspot (Feb. 17).

In response to questions from a couple of Facebook followers, the store said that no prices on the Xoom are available yet, adding "stay tuned." Pricing on the tablet has been rumored to be in a range from $699 to $799.

Winning the Best of Show award at last month's CES, the Xoom is being seen by some as the first tablet that could give the iPad a run for its money. Offering a 10.1-inch widescreen high-definition display, the Xoom is also one of the first tablets to run Google's new Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system.