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Motorola Xoom 2 tablets looking slim in sneaked pics

Motorola's two new Xoom tablets have shown up again in new pictures, rocking a frame that looks about as slim as the iPhone 4.

More info regarding Motorola's two new Xoom tablets has appeared online, courtesy of leaked photos that show an iPhone-esque slim design.

The photos, which were sent to Engadget by an anonymous tipster, show both the Xoom 2 and the smaller 'Media Edition' tablet we told you about just yesterday.

Some of the snaps show the tablet alongside an iPhone 4, indicating these slates will be roughly as thin as Apple's smart phone, which is just 9.3mm thick. We thought the first Xoom was way too chunky, so a slimmer version is something to look forward to. Both tablets appear to have about the same thickness.

That's good, but not as impressive as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, which is only 7.9mm thick.

The Motorola Media Edition tablet is set to pack an 8.2-inch display and weigh 430g, which again isn't as light as Samsung's Tab 7.7, but it is over an inch bigger, so we're willing to let that one slide. We're also expecting a splash-proof display.

Reports suggest the 10.1-inch Xoom 2 will bring a 1.2GHz processor to the party, and both will be running Honeycomb, the tablet-specific version of Google's Android operating system.

Our only concern? Engadget's source reckons both devices will be LTE-enabled, which sets them up for superfast 4G data. We don't have that network tech in the UK yet, because we are rubbish, so it's possible these two tablets will be US only.

Fingers crossed that's not the case, as the UK is in desperate need of some cool new tablets to compete with the iPad 2. The Xoom was disappointing, being too big and heavy to trouble Apple's effort, so we're expecting a better shout from Motorola the second time around. Will these tablets be enough?

Are you intrigued? Or are Honeycomb tablets failing to capture your attention? Spew your opinions into the comments section below, or all over our Facebook wall.

Image credit: Engadget