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Motorola unveils the H690 Bluetooth headset

Motorola's H690 Bluetooth headset is revealed.

Motorola H690
Motorola H690 Motorola

Motorola introduced the Motorola H690 Bluetooth headset today, which is a successor to the Motorola H680 from last year. It looks almost the same design-wise, but the H690 boasts noise-reduction technology that was absent from the H680. It has dual microphones and echo cancellation, which promises better audio performance. The H690 also comes with "TrueComfort" ear buds for better comfort, as well as the usual headset features like voice dialing and a battery status indicator. The rated talk time is 5.5 hours and standby time is up to eight days. The H690 is expected to debut in Q2, though pricing is not yet known.