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Motorola unveils Rokr E8 and Z10

Motorola isn't dead -- it's just making a few internal changes -- and in the meantime it's come out with these puppies, the Motorola E8 and Z10

Poor old Motorola, it hasn't had a good time at all this year, but rather than sulk it's keeping its chin up and launching two new phones at CES. At the moment we're not sure about UK availability, but we think they could be out in a few months.

First to be announced is the Rokr E8 (pictured right), a very slick-looking music phone that features a glossy casing, which lights up different touch-sensitive keys depending on the application you're using.

The Rokr E8 also comes with a funky scroll wheel so you can search through your music collection quickly. Best of all, there's a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can listen to music using your own headphones.

Other features include 2GB of onboard memory and an expandable microSD slot (up to 2GB). It supports MIDI, MP3, AAC, AAC+, Enhanced AAC+, WMA, WAV, AMR-NB and Real Audio (RA) v10, and there's a 2-megapixel camera on the back.

Now we know 2 megapixels isn't impressive and that the lack of 3G will annoy certain people, but at only 10mm thin this phone has a lot going for it and will directly compete with the likes of the nifty Nokia 5310 XpressMusic. Click through for more pics.

Update: a Motorola Rokr E8 hands-on video is now on the site

Further update: Read our full Motorola Z10 review and our full Motorola Rokr E8 review.

Here's a shot of certain keys lighting up depending on the application -- in this case the camera. If you're worried about the touch-sensitive keys not being responsive enough, fear not because the E8 comes with haptic feedback -- like the LG Viewty -- meaning you get a little vibration when you touch a key so you know you've pressed it.

Next up is the Motorola Z10, an upgraded version of the Motorola Z8, which aims to bring video editing straight to your phone. This bendy slider phone packs many of the same features found on the Z8, but has a 3.2-megapixel camera instead of just 2, and features support for up to a 32GB microSD, which we assume means it supports micro SDHC.

Similar to the Z8, the Z10 has a bright colour screen that can play video back at 30fps. Interestingly you can upload video directly to YouTube, Google, Yahoo and Shozu, which means you won't need to connect it to a computer first. Make sure though you have a good data plan or it'll cost you. -Andrew Lim