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Motorola Txtr and O Rokr

Motorola Txtr and O Rokr

Aside from the Motorola H5 Miniblue headset, Motorola released two more cell phone-related Bluetooth accessories today: the Txtr and the O Rokr. The Txtr is a QWERTY wireless keyboard that lets you type text messages easily with any Motorola Bluetooth phone. As for the O Rokr, it's yet another iteration of the Oakley Thump but made specifically to work with Bluetooth devices such as cell phones or Bluetooth-enabled music players. The O Rokr is the next generation of the Razrwire, the first Oakley sunglasses that work with a Bluetooth headset. While I find the Txtr to have some practical use, I personally find the O Rokr to be an incredibly silly innovation, built solely on looks and not much else. But perhaps I should wait to test it out before making any final judgements.