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Motorola to unveil new 'priced for all' handset on May 13 in London

Motorola will hold a London press event on May 13 to introduce its newest smartphone.

Motorola's press invititation to its London event. Motorola

Looks like London really is calling. Soon after LG announced that it will be throwing a May 23 launch event for its G3 flagship in London, Motorola sent out invitations today for its own London presser as well. It will be held earlier on May 13, for the debut of its newest smartphone.

Details are sparse so far, but the invite hints the handset will be "made to last" and "priced for all." Rhetoric about connecting more people to the world and each other was also included. Altogether, Motorola could be hinting towards a low-cost, global device that may even be rugged.

The mobile company is no stranger to creating a stir around an ultra-affordable smartphone. Last year, its Moto G drew plenty of attention as a capable unlocked Android device that was priced at just $179. Though it didn't sport high-end specs, CNET's Brian Bennett was impressed with its "premium build quality," and robust audio speakers.