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Motorola Scpl: Who missed English class?

Ron Garriques, executive vice president of Motorola, has hinted that the company is planning to launch a new range of ultra-thin handsets, code-named Scpl

Imagine if Motorola ruled the world, or should I say the Wrld. Grammar and spelling would go out the window and we would all be talking in a way that some speech therapists might have trouble with. Luckily it doesn't, but the latest rumour to hit the Web suggests the mobile phone company has inflicted us with another 'Motorol-ism'. This rumour stars a new bunch of handsets called the Scpl range.

The Scpl range, which is supposed to be pronounced "scalpel", will apparently be slim handsets that are based on the Razr. We've seen a few leaked pictures on the Mobile-Review forum of a phone said to be called the Motorola Canary, which we thought might be the Razr's successor, but we weren't overly impressed.

This rumour (and it is just a rumour for now) was started by Ron Garriques, the executive vice president of Motorola, and it makes the hairs on the backs of our necks resemble guards at Buckingham Palace. We're not going to break out the 1982 Dom Perignon just yet though -- we're well aware that what's said at a press conference sometimes stays at the press conference. But we will keep you updated if anything materialises. -AL