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Motorola punches up phones with college colors, designs

The handset maker adds new college colors, accents, and flashy cases to help you achieve that favorite team theme.

Motorola now lets college sports fans design a custom Moto X with school colors and cases. Motorola

Motorola on Friday introduced a number of new features to the Moto Maker phone customization experience.

Effective immediately, customers who design their custom Moto X smartphone through Moto Maker now have a wider assortment of colors to choose from. The online tool gains nine new back plate colors and three more accent color options. As a result, Motorola says it's easier than ever to create combinations which closer mimic your favorite college team hues.

Additionally, if you swing by the Moto Maker Web site today you'll find at least 40 custom designs for US schools from coast to coast. Employing the wider palette of colors, Motorola also offers clear (optional) school logo cases to snap onto phone backs.

Perhaps understanding that college students don't have much in the way of disposable income, Motorola will also discount the Moto X by $60 for eligible customers. Specifically, anyone who registers with a valid ".edu" email address can scoop up the Moto X for $339.