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Motorola Pebl now a T-Mobile exclusive

Motorola Pebl now a T-Mobile exclusive

It happened quietly, but apparently, T-Mobile is now officially the first U.S. carrier to offer the Motorola Pebl. The curvier cousin of the Razr, the Pebl is smooth with rounded corners and, when opened, reveals that familiar Razr-like etched keypad. The Pebl's features include Bluetooth, 5MB of internal memory, a VGA camera with 4X digital zoom, a video recorder, an MP3 player, text and multimedia messaging, support for e-mail and IM, and quad-band connectivity. From preliminary handling at CTIA earlier this year, we really liked its smooth metal finish, like a round "river rock" in our hands. We look forward to having a full review of this soon. If you want to get your hands on it now, you could go over to T-Mobile's exclusive "Web-only preview" and buy it for $299.99 with a year's contract.