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Tech Industry

Motorola names new CIO

Motorola picks Patricia B. Morrison, who formerly acted as CIO for Office Depot and GE, to lead its IT infrastructure team.

Motorola announced Wednesday that Patricia B. Morrison will be the company's new chief information officer, starting July 25. Morrison will be in charge of all strategic, operational and financial aspects of the company's information technology infrastructure. She will report to Ed Zander, chairman and chief executive officer of Motorola.

Prior to joining the Motorola team, Morrison served as CIO at Office Depot, where she was responsible for managing the company's global information systems. Morrison led the transformation of Office Depot's IT architecture and helped the company achieve more than $100 million in efficiency improvements, according to Motorola. Morrison has held other CIO positions at The Quaker Oats Company in Chicago and GE Industrial Systems, a $6 billion division of General Electric.