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Motorola Moto G is cheap and cheerful in Podcast 364

As the shockingly affordable Motorola Moto G hits shops, we take a look at the rise of cheap and cheerful gadgets that go easy on your wallet.

The new Motorola Moto G is in shops now, and we reckon the G stands for 'Great value.' At just £120, the Moto G represents bang for your buck that even tops the Google Nexus 4.

Sadly, not all new technology is such great value: the new iPad mini with a retina display is far from cheap, while the soon-to-be-released PS4 is still light on killer games.

We take on your technological teasers and general dilemmas, from mobile phone quandaries to the age-old debate about whether you'd rather face an angry badger or an irate lion. And we start to think about Christmas, helping you in your quest for the perfect Christmas present with our suggestions for the best ebook readers, best digital cameras and best products of 2013.

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