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Motorola Mobile TV DH01: PMP for mobile TV

If and when watchable mobile TV arrives, this is the device you're going to want to own -- it'll show and record programmes broadcast over DVB-H

The next killer consumer application is going to be mobile TV, or at least that's what Motorola is hoping with its latest device, the Mobile TV DH01.

It looks like a black, shiny Archos player from the outside, and does similar things (audio and video playback), but there's one big difference. This box can receive and play live TV over the air that's broadcast using the DVB-H standard.

You can choose to watch TV as it's broadcast, or record it directly to the player. There's 128MB of memory built in, but there's an SD card slot for more. Motorola says you can fit 90 minutes of video onto a 256MB card, which plays at 25 frames per second on the 109mm (4.3-inch) screen.

The Mobile TV can deal with on-demand content and the battery lasts for up to four hours of video. There's a USB slot, so you can transfer music and video files over to the device for when there's nothing on.

At the moment, this has no application in the UK, but if the EU gets its way and Europe adopts DVB-H as a mobile TV broadcasting standard, we'll be crying out for devices like these to watch Cash in the Attic on. Here's hoping. -Jason Jenkins