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Motorola Ming MT820: 3D phone with no need for glasses or evil goatee

Spy shots have revealed the first 3D phone, the Ming MT820, which doesn't need glasses and may not be even vaguely evil

Activate the electro-wetting lenses! Fire the parallax barriers! Soon, the galaxy will cower before Ming! The Motorola Ming MT820, that is: a 3D mobile phone spied in China. Like the Flash Gordon villain, this Ming doesn't require glasses -- or an evil goatee or unnecessarily pointy collar.

The Ming is a clam-shell phone with a 2D screen in each half of the handset. Close the phone, and the screens on top of each other present a 3D image. It's all to do with auto-stereoscopic technology, according to a recent patent.

The MT820 is set to pack Android -- which means Ming could soon get Flash after all. These leaked shots show the handset branded with the China Mobile logo. It's unlikely to make it over here, but we've still got plenty of three-dimensional goodness to go round, whether it's 3D laptops, tellies or cameras.

Now dispatch war rocket Ajax to bring back his body!