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Motorola Milestone 3 not coming to UK, Motorola Pro might well be

The Motorola Milestone 3 may not land on British shores after all, but the Motorola Pro may get a reprieve and be UK-bound after all.

We Brits may not get our hands on the Motorola Milestone 3, but the Motorola Pro is already on its way to the UK. That's according to unknown sources reported by retailer Clove, so take it with a pinch of salt.

We loved the original Milestone (the UK-friendly name for what Americans know as the Droid) with its stunning multi-touch touchscreen, decent camera and good connectivity. Though the Milestone 2 didn't quite live up to expectations, our ears pricked up when Milestone 3 specifications leaked out last month. That was followed by official looking tutorial videos which we hoped would signal an imminent launch.

Alas, it seems not.

That said, if the Motorola Pro is more your thing -- perhaps you prefer BlackBerry-style keyboards over slide-out ones -- it could soon be your lucky day. Admittedly, it's only shown up on Clove's own website, and there's no price or network news just yet, but we're hoping this is true.

The Pro is no pushover, has some reasonable business credentials (if that floats your boat) and, despite being tethered to Android Froyo, is a nifty little handset. The keyboard works well, the touchscreen is small but sharp and clear, and its Web browser supports Flash and all sorts of Google goodies. There are also some security features built in, including the ability to wipe the phone, which will be useful when you inevitably leave it in the back of a cab.

The loss of the Milestone 3 may not be such a tragedy. Things were already going downhill thanks to Moto slapping the not-yet-dead Motoblur all over the Milestone 2, and we're a cynical bunch who think it's unlikely to improve as long as Android keeps being shackled.

Naturally we'll keep you posted as the situation develops.