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Motorola losing former mobile phone head, marketing chief

Stu Reed was the former president of Motorola's Mobile Devices group up until February, and he's now decided to leave the company. On Thursday, the company confirmed chief marketing officer Casey Keller had left the company.

Motorola late on Friday announced the "immediate" departure of the former head of its troubled mobile-devices division, a day after confirming that its marketing chief was no longer with the company.

Former Motorola cell phone chief Stu Reed Motorola

"Motorola, Inc. today announced that Stu Reed, formerly the president of Motorola's Mobile Devices business, has decided to leave the company, effective immediately," the company said in a statement. No further details on the nature of Reed's departure were provided, and his bio has been purged from Motorola's site. Reed's role had been uncertain since CEO Greg Brown assumed control of the mobile phone division in February.

The last six months or so haven't exactly been the best period in the history of Motorola's mobile-phone business. The company has shed significant market share, and it announced earlier this year that it would explore "strategic alternatives" for its mobile-phone division. At the time, that sounded like Motorola was getting ready to offload the group, although CEO Greg Brown told reporters at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that he was "fully committed" to the Mobile Devices group.

No replacement was named, leaving the Mobile Devices group without a leader for the time being. On Thursday, Motorola confirmed that Casey Keller, the former chief marketing officer for the company, had also left.