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Motorola lets in-car music phones off the leash

Motorola T605 lets drivers stream audio, make hands-free calls in the car.

Motorola has jumped on the in-car entertainment bandwagon with the release of its Motorola T605 Automotive Music & Hands-free System, which allows users to use their Bluetooth-enabled Motorola phones or digital music players to stream audio wirelessly through the car's speakers, while doubling as a hands-free calling device. The T605 also features a jack to enable users to plug in MP3 players that aren't equipped with the Bluetooth audio (or A2DP) profile, such as iPods. According to Moto, the T605 works in a similar way to OEM Bluetooth systems, in that it will pause music when it detects an incoming call and resume the stream when you hang up. Like some Motorola Bluetooth headsets, the T605 features digital signal processing technology and variable volume adjustment so that the music gets louder when the kids start screaming in the backseat. There's no pricing available yet, but expect to see the T605 in stores--and on CNET Reviews--in the first half of 2007.