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Motorola hints at next shatter-proof phone for July 25 event

Could this be the rumored Moto Z2 Force? And will shatter-proof phones be enough to stand apart from Apple and Samsung?


Motorola's not-so-subtle invite


The tech industry isn't always known for subtlety.

Motorola's beginning to tease the announcements for its July 25 event in New York, and its latest invite sent to press shows broken glass and says the company plans to "shatter your expectations."

Considering Motorola already makes the Moto Z Force and Droid Turbo 2 that both have a special "shatter shield" feature that guarantees your phone's display won't crack or shatter, it's a safe bet that a new phone with similar technology is coming.

Signs point to the Motorola Z2 Force, which is rumored to return the headphone jack to the "Force" line (last year's model did away with it, a la iPhone). As a Z-family phone, the Z2 Force would also support Motorola's family of magnetic snap-on modules, like an extended life battery, game controller and camera tool.

Either way, CNET will be there when the device is announced later this month.