Motorola goes hunting for walkie-talkies

Out of phones and into two-way radios?

Tech Culture

If Motorola does end up getting out of the mobile phone business, we hope it's not counting on walkie-talkies as the future. Moto has already launched its fashionable "TLKR" line, and now we hear that it's launching a new "Talkabout" two-way radio with a camo design and a choice of five hunting-call "buddy tones"--duck, goose, turkey, elk, and coyote, according to Slippery Brick.

Yes, it's not exactly the same as downloading the latest Beyonce ring tone (that could be suicide around people with firearms anyway), but it sure seems to be getting closer, at least where the marketing angles are concerned. If they start coming out with "special edition" walkie-talkies, that may be real reason for worry.

By the way, if you really are a serious hunter, the T9650RCAMO has a range of 28 miles, speech activation, vibrating alerts, and weather channels. And we didn't make a single Dick Cheney joke.

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