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Motorola focuses on Indian wireless market

The company chooses India to launch a new cell phone and announces local assembly on some handsets.

Motorola on Wednesday announced a slew of measures to tap India's growing wireless market.

The handset maker chose India to unveil a new mobile phone, the L6. The ultra-slim handset is based on the clamshell design of the popular Razr, the company said.

Measuring less than a half-inch wide and weighing 3 ounces, the new phone features a VGA camera for video recording, Bluetooth connectivity and a digital audio player.

The handset began shipping in India on Wednesday, and will be launched in other markets later.

Motorola also announced that C115 handsets assembled in the country will be available by mid-December. The C115 phone, designed for mass-market users, features enhanced battery life and personalization tools. Assembly in India is the first step in a multi-phase manufacturing strategy, the company said.

Motorola employs 3,000 software engineers in Bangalore and Hyderabad and has relocated the headquarters of its higher-growth markets group to New Delhi.

It has also increased investments in its Bangalore-based software and hardware development hub, the company said.

India has one of the fastest-growing wireless markets in the world, with about 53 million GSM-standard and 14 million CDMA-standard phone users.

The growth in new mobile phone subscribers has encouraged handset makers and other technology companies to consider special strategies for Indian markets.

"We're doing our part to leverage and create opportunities--both for India and for Motorola," Allen Burnes, vice president of high-growth markets operations at Motorola, said in a statement.