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Motorola FlipOut: Flip to be square

The Motorola FlipOut's unusual twisty-hipped motion has been leaked in the land of samba, but will it make it over here?

Here's a new phone form factor to flip out over. The Motorola FlipOut brings its unusual twisty motion to the beaches of Brazil, but will it make it over here?

We've seen a few square phones lately, including the slider Microsoft Kin One and Two or the clamshell Alcatel OT-808. But the FlipOut puts a new, ahem, twist on things with a twisting action from the top right-hand corner of the keyboard.

The FlipOut runs Motorola's Motoblur front end over Android 2.1. It boasts a 3.1-megapixel camera, Qwerty keyboard and 71mm (2.8-inch) display. Inside, there's 256MB of RAM and a 700MHz processor. It packs GPS but apparently no 3G or Wi-Fi.

Gizmodo Brazil reports that the FlipOut will be on sale in assorted colours in the land of carnivals, samba and barefoot beach football. We can't see it coming over here -- probably wouldn't be able to cope with the climate. What do you think of the samba-style twisty motion?

Image credit: Gizmodo Brasil

Update: Our hands-on, early Motorola FlipOut review is now live on the site.