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Motorola DVX rumoured to be a budget Moto X

A follow-up to the Moto X has been spotted online, and it looks like it'll be cheaper than its predecessor.

Google is rumoured to be readying a budget follow-up to its Moto X customisable handset. It's named the Motorola DVX, and as you can see, it looks pretty colourful. This leaked pic came from Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter, The Verge reports.

According to PhoneArena, the DVX will launch next month on Republic Wireless in the US. The Moto X isn't going on sale here in the UK, so we'll have to wait and see if us Brits get a look in for the DVX.

The DVX looks pretty plasticky, and it reportedly won't be anywhere near as customisable as the Moto X. Using Google's Moto Maker online tool, you can tweak the Moto X to your heart's content, with loads of options for colours and materials. You can even have a wooden phone if you like.

Not that the DVX is completely non-customisable. It'll apparently have interchangeable backplates, though they're limited to four colour options. So it's a similar proposition to the iPhone 5C.

These limitations all help bring the price down, of course.

Motorola's CEO Dennis Woodside told CNET last month that Moto X is a new brand, in the company's eyes, and that we'll see "additional products within months." Maybe this will be the member of the Moto X family that makes it to these shores. After it shunned us Brits with the Moto X, Motorola said on its UK Facebook page that it was "working on something new." So I think we can expect a new device from Motorola before Christmas, whether it's the DVX, or another handset.

How much would you pay for a budget Motorola mobile? Is Nexus 4 territory the sweet spot? Or should Google stop worrying about Motorola and focus on the Nexus 5? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.