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Motorola DVX could be the Moto X's cheaper, rumored cousin

A less expensive, 3G alternative to the Moto X flagship could soon be at hand, according to recent reports.

Motorola's next smartphone could be a more affordable take on the Moto X experience. FCC

The Motorola DVX could soon arrive as a lower-cost alternative to the flagship Moto X experience, according to recent rumblings.

Having recently passed through the FCC, the DVX documents show support for many GSM carrier's 3G networks. Nearly identical in design to the original Moto X, this phone is rumored to launch with Republic Wireless in October, in addition to the already-cheaper version of the Moto X that the hybrid carrier has committed to sell.

According to recent reports, the DVX will come with interchangeable back plates, but it's unclear whether the device comes with more than one backing in the box.

A previous FCC filing for the DVX shows a variation with support for Sprint radios; Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile could also be in line to carry the smartphone.

That Motorola would introduce a new Moto X design so soon should not come as much of a surprise. Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed with CNET in August that a cheaper version is in the works.