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Motorola slashes $50 off the Moto X

A limited-time promotion drops the smartphone's sticker price to $300 and extends its return window to a month.

Motorola dangles a carrot in front of prospective smartphone buyers. Josh Miller/CNET

In the market for a new unlocked smartphone? Motorola hopes its latest promotion is enough to get you to consider the Moto X as your next device.

From Monday, June 15 through Monday, June 29, Motorola is dropping the price of its unlocked and customizable smartphone to $300, a $50 savings off the normal retail price. What's more, Motorola is giving buyers a 30-day return window to test drive the phone.

If you don't love it, you can return it for a full refund. Alternatively, you can take advantage of Motorola's standard one-time "do-over" and redesign the device more to your liking (except this time you'll get 30 days to do it rather than the standard 14).

As great as the promotion appears on the surface, it's worth pointing out some of the finer details, like the two-week promotional period, and the fact that the $50 savings comes as a credit card refund some 6 to 8 weeks after delivery of the Moto X. Even then, you'll have to complete a survey to receive the credit.

The Moto X has seen its price drop slowly but surely over the last few months, but more so in the recent weeks. The most likely reason is that Motorola wants to deplete stock and make room for a successor.

CNET has consistently liked the Moto X for its nearly stock Android experience, comfortable design, respectable hardware and everyman appeal. Check out CNET's full Motorola Moto X review here.

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