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Motorola Droid Razr HD leaks, clad in Kevlar

The Razr HD looks similar to the Razr, but clad in Kevlar, giving it a more rugged feel.

Why are these spy shots always so blurry? Do you think its the jitters of whichever naughty, nervous hand snaps them? Anyway, this is the Motorola Droid Razr HD, the follow up to the Razr, so in accordance with previous naming patterns, it will probably just be known as the Razr HD when it reaches these shores. The shots were leaked to Droid Life.

It looks pretty similar to the Razr, but it's clad in Kevlar right up to the sides, so should feel more rugged and hard-wearing. Helpfully, the spy shots only show the back and the side, too, not the front.

The camera, which is expected to be a 13-megapixel jobby, is centred, with the flash and speaker either side. The source told Droid Life that the screen is "amazing", though there's no word on whether it'll be similar to that seen on the Samsung Galaxy S3. But the "HD" in the name is thought to imply it'll have a 720p display, as seen on the likes of the S3, Galaxy Nexus and HTC One X. Also expected are some on-screen navigation keys.

A couple of months ago the specs of a handset dubbed the Droid Razr HD leaked, which tipped it to ship running Android Ice Cream Sandwich, though there's no word on that in this latest leak. Motorola recently released no fewer than 15 videos showing off how it's skinned Ice Cream Sandwich. With such a marketing push I'd expect ICS to come as standard on any high-end Motorola smart phone.

We're expecting the Razr HD to be unveiled later this summer. It could be as long as two months before it goes on sale though. Will you be saving up for a Razr HD? What specs would you like to see? And just why are these spy shots always so blurry? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, or on Facebook.