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Motorola device to deliver HDTV around the house

Company's new Digital Terminal Adapter is designed to bring high-definition content to basic cable subscribers and can deliver its signal to multiple outlets around the house.

Motorola Mobility has launched a new device that can bring HDTV to a household of basic cable subscribers.

The new High Definition Digital Terminal Adapter (HD-DTA) is a small adapter that's able to convert a regular digital signal into one that's high-definition without the need for a pricey set-top box, according to Motorola.

Complete with a digital tuner, HDMI interface, and RF (radio frequency) outputs, the HD-DTA itself is a small set-top device that can be placed out of sight and send the HD signal to multiple outlets throughout the house. A remote control lets TV watchers control the device without relying on line of sight.

Motorola's new HD-DTA.
Motorola's new HD-DTA. Motorola Mobility

Beyond offering cable consumers high-definition content, the device is designed to trim expenses for cable companies and other operators that no longer would have to deal with expensive set-top boxes.

"Service providers continue to look for options that deliver HD content to their customers while reducing their overall costs," Larry Robinson, vice president of Home Devices, Motorola Mobility, said in a statement. "The Motorola HD-DTA is an ideal solution for basic subscriber households."

Being demoed at the Cable Show in Chicago this week, the Motorola HD-DTA is expected to debut later this year.