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Motorola CTO lands at Cisco

Padmasree Warrior will join Cisco in the same capacity, chief technology officer, that she just last week held at Motorola.

Padmasree Warrior found a new job very quickly, moving from Motorola to Cisco in just a day, Cisco confirmed Tuesday.

Although Warrior's departure from Motorola was only announced Monday, this move was likely in the works for some time. It comes just days after Motorola CEO Ed Zander announced his own plans to leave the company by the end of the year. Warrior will report to Cisco CEO John Chambers, who called her a "technology visionary."

Warrior also announced her arrival in a blog post on Cisco's site, which is apparently the new way of doing these things.

I have no doubt that Warrior is a professional technologist, but I beg you, can we stop calling things "paradigms?" With her 23 years at Motorola, Warrior fits right in with Cisco's bid to try and become more and more of a consumer company, but also has the enterprise and networking expertise that's still a huge part of Cisco's business.