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Motorola could offer next Facebook phone

Identified by the Bluetooth trade group, the Motorola EX225 sports a Facebook button and a design similar to the HTC Status.

Motorola EX225 Bluetooth SIG

The folks who bring you the specifications for Bluetooth may have just outed the next Facebook phone. Now visible on the Web site for the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the Motorola EX225 doesn't look like much at first. Yet, if you peer closely at the handset's boring candy bar design, you'll see a dedicated Facebook button like we got on the HTC Status.

The Bluetooth SIG doesn't list any features save for a 3-megapixel camera, a full keyboard (of course), and the possibility of a dual SIM card slot. The tiny 2.4-inch screen would be unacceptable on a full-fledged smartphone, though we don't know if the EX225 would even run Android, or another third-party operating system, at all.

The GSM EX225 could land in most regions of the world. At this point we're unable to confirm with Motorola if the device even exists, which is why we'll hold off speculating on a release date.

(Via Boy Genius Report)