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Motorola CEO blames Android apps for performance issues

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha blames poor phone performance squarely on third-party applications found on the Android marketplace.

Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha blamed poor phone performance on the open Android Market during a financial conference today. He said that 70 percent of phones are returned because of untested apps that may drain the CPU or the battery.

Jha claims that one way to control this is via its Motoblur application, which acts as an additional layer on top of the existing Android interface. Previously used only as a social networking skin, Motoblur has the ability to collect information about which applications draw the most power and should then be able to warn customers about the problem apps. Jha also likes that Motoblur helps to differentiate Motorola Android phones from the rest of the increasingly crowded Android market.

We like the idea of identifying problem apps, but we're not sure if Motoblur is necessarily the answer. Our experience with Motoblur has been mostly negative, as it tends to interfere with the pure Android experience more than other skins, and we wonder if Motoblur doesn't add to the performance problems of some of the phones. Still, we're open to the idea if Motorola improves the software. What do you readers think?

(via PC World)