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Motorola calls Apple Big Brother in Super Bowl ad

In a Xoom ad set to air during the Super Bowl, Motorola attempts to characterize Apple as being "one authority" and offering only "one way to work."

The Super Bowl is a time for snorting aggression, untrammeled nastiness, and drum-thumping confidence. Perhaps this is why Motorola seems to have decided to air an ad for its new Xoom tablet that hisses and spits and rails at Apple.

As portentous music freezes you into believing the world is about to end, Motorola warns you that there is currently only one authority, only one design, only one way to work.

Yes, people, you are living in the new 1984. Except that it's 2011.

Apple controls your thoughts. It controls every twitch of your fingers, every reaction of your retinas.

And so, halfway through the spot, Motorola offers you techie features that will make you feel flexible, that will make you want to explore, that will, in short, lead you to freedom.

It seems something of a hurriedly made production, so it doesn't quite have the gravitas of Nelson Mandela.

There also are no shots of the product that will soon make you feel happy and vigorous again. And Apple isn't, in itself, mentioned. However, those headphones seem just slightly unmistakable, as is the reference to 1984.

While it's nourishing to see that someone is prepared to get down in the mud and give Apple a grapple, some might have a couple of random thoughts.

Firstly: Do those who bathe in their Apple products actually feel as if they are in some deep, dark prison from which they will never emerge? Or are they really quite delighted with their iPads?

And secondly, if Apple is Big Brother, how come it did such a fine job of making people feel good about the iPad? Was it merely brainwashing?