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Motorola Atrix 2 pictured, specs leaked

The follow-up to the Atrix has been revealed, and it's a dual-core powerhouse with HD video skills and 8-megapixel stills.

The original was a true innovator, with its gang of docks transforming it into a netbook, a media centre, a sat-nav or even an alarm clock. So say hello to the sequel, leaked via Boy Genius Reports. And the good news is it has some pretty impressive specs.

Known as the Motorola Atrix 2 -- we know, not all that imaginative, but it does the job -- it looks pretty similar to the original, though it's difficult to tell if the screen is bigger from this picture.

It's a dual-core affair too, with either a 1.2 or 1.5GHz processor beavering away inside. (If yesterday's reports are true, the iPhone 5 will be dual-core too.) It won't be LTE-enabled, according to the source, which doesn't bother us much as we don't have 4G data in the UK anyway.

Imaging duties are taken care of thanks by an 8-megapixel camera that can record 1080p HD video, and it'll run Android 2.3.5 -- that's a version of Gingerbread. There are no more concrete details, though it's expected before Christmas in the US, which we hope means the same for the UK, although there's no word as yet.

What's disappointing is there's no mention of the dock accessories that made the original stand out. No laptop dock, no sat-nav, not even so much as an alarm clock to plug it into. Of course, it's all still unofficial, so chances are the source didn't have access to the add-ons. Our fingers are crossed.

We also hope Motorola's sorted out the confusing three-interface design that plagued the original.

Motorola's also been hard at work on a new 7-inch tablet, shown yesterday. Looks like it could be a very merry Christmas for Moto fans.