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Motorola adds Google search to navigation

Motorola's new MotoNav TN500 and TN700 offer connectivity through any Bluetooth-paired phone for Google search.

MotoNav TN700
Motorola's MotoNav TN700 uses a wide 5.1-inch display. Wayne Cunningham/CNET

LAS VEGAS--Although not a big name in navigation, Motorola is trying to keep up with top brands such as Garmin and TomTom by adding connectivity to its MotoNav series of GPS devices. The MotoNav TN500 and TN700, launching in the next couple of months, both feature a data connection for Google Search.

MotoNav Google search screen
Google search is enabled through any paired Bluetooth phone. Wayne Cunningham/CNET

The devices both hold internal POI databases for finding restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and the like, but Google search enhances the local search capabilities. Users will be able to enter the name of any business and get Google search results in the interface.

To use Google search, the MotoNav needs to be paired with a Bluetooth phone. Technology provided by Airbiquity lets any phone serve for connectivity, not just phones with a data plan. The user will incur only normal-minutes usage fees for the call.

The MotoNav TN700 uses a wide 5.1-inch display, whereas the TN500 uses a 4.3-inch display. Maps are displayed in 3D, and the devices highlight red light cameras for the driver. Both devices receive traffic information through an optional cradle.

Motorola says the MotoNav TN500 and TN700 will be out in the first quarter.