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Motorized monocycle hits market for $13,000

But it's not street-legal, so don't get any ideas.

Hammacher Schlemmer

We really didn't think anything like the motorized monocycle "WheelSurf" would ever be marketed to the masses, but now we find out that one is being offered by mainstream gadget shop Hammacher Schlemmer of all places. Of course, it's selling for nearly twice the price listed back in September, for $13,000.

Even if you do have that kind of dough to blow, you won't be able to commute in this unicycle on steroids because it's not street-legal, as BornRich points out. But still, talk about making your buddies jealous: After all, how many 67-inch motorized wheels have you seen, let alone one that can hit 25 miles per hour? And unlike other versions, you won't have to wait till 2025 to ride one.