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Motorcycle helmet makes you a highway Predator

The highway can be a nightmare, but we don't think anyone would dare mess with a Predator on a motorcycle. If only this helmet were safe to wear.

NLO Moto

We've seen some pretty cool custom motorcycle helmets, even a few Predator heads here and there. But none of those quite reach the level of cool demonstrated by Russian company NLO Moto's Predator helmet.

Some of the customizations available. NLO Moto

If you felt like a beast on the road before, we imagine this sexy headgear will increase that tenfold. It's built on an actual certified motorcycle helmet as a base, with a fiberglass, carbon fiber, and polyester shell fitted over the top. It has a removable face shield and three optional red LEDs to replicate the Predator's targeting system.

The base model starts at $780, offering a whole bunch of optional extras: a protective face shield ($59); improved graphics and engraving ($39); top-tier airbrushing ($399); a laser-controlled aimer ($119); carbon fiber tips for the Predator's dreadlocks ($109); teeth ($95); and a carbon fiber shell ($249).

Unfortunately, because the shell seriously limits visibility, the helmet has not been certified for road use, so we wouldn't recommend actually wearing it on the road, unless "decapitated" is your favorite look.

(Source: Crave Australia)