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Moto Z2 Force in the wild? Latest evidence leaks online

Motorola is announcing something Tuesday; it could be this.

Josh Miller/CNET

Update, July 25: It arrived right on time -- read our first take of the Moto Z2 Force here. The original article follows. 

Motorola is rumored to launch the Moto Z2 Force Tuesday at an event in New York. But we may have already gotten out first peek at the phone in the wild, courtesy of hands-on pictures of what is allegedly the Z2 Force, which were posted on Chinese social media site Baidu

Is this the Moto Z2 Force?

via Baidu user 摩托罗拉

The Moto Z family is Motorola's take on modular phones, a concept that other manufacturers have failed to make popular. Since the Moto Z line was born last year, Motorola has promised to release 12 Moto Mod accessories each year. The Moto Z2 Force, which is rumored to have a stronger screen an higher end specs than the recent Moto Z2 Play, would continue Motorola's push into making modular parts catch on.

The phone in the picture shows off the rumored features of the Z2 Force like the Moto Mod connector pins and dual cameras. The phone also looks just like the mysterious modular Moto phone that appeared on the Motorola website earlier this month.

Behind the phone we can also see a handful of colorful rectangles with the telltale Moto Z circular cutout. These could be designs for upcoming decorative covers for the Moto Z phones, similar to what we've seen before.

A recent report by VentureBeat claims that the US version of the phone could come with lower RAM and less storage than its global counterpart.

On the flip side, it may be easier to get the phone than last year. The Moto Z Force was released as a US as a Verizon exclusive, but rumors are saying it may be available on all major US carriers and in other countries.

We'll find out tomorrow for sure. Follow CNET for all the details.

Motorola did not respond to a request for comment.

The phone is shown from more angles and we get a better look at those artsy back covers.

via Baidu user 摩托罗拉