Moto X to strut its stuff on New York fashion runway

Motorola's colorful customizable smartphone will be part of Made Fashion Week on Sunday.

The colorful Moto X hits the runway Sunday. Sarah Tew/CNET

This season, nothing is more "on trend" in the fashion world than algorithms and engineers. At least, that's what you might be led to believe based on the face time Google products have been receiving lately -- in the pages of Vogue, and now on the runway in New York for the second year running.

But this time around it's not Google Glass that the models will be sporting, it's the Moto X.

Ad Age reports that the Moto X will feature prominently at Made Fashion Week in New York this year. The new phone from Googorola is sponsoring four of the show's designers, and it's reported that at least one of them will send their models down the runway with the colorful, customizable Moto X in hand on Sunday, which is listed as "Menswear day in partnership with Motorola" on the show schedule.

Moto X kiosks will also be positioned at Fashion Week parties and will suggest a custom Moto X design that best complements a partygoer's outfit.

Motorola has been going big on the marketing campaign for the Moto X, which kicked off with full-page newspaper ads in July. Unlike Google Glass, which made an appearance on the runway last year and in the pages of this month's Vogue in a bid to appear a little less aggressively geeky, the Moto X has always been pitched for the mall-going middle of the market, so it makes a certain amount of sense as a fashion accessory.

What remains to be seen is if "chic" translates to sales for Motorola.