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Moto to unveil 'media monster' cell phone

Motorola will show off a new cell phone next week in New York City.

Not another Razr CNET Networks

For several months we've been begging Motorola to give us a new cell phone--something beyond yet another version of the Razr.

It appears our wishes may be answered very soon. Today we received an e-mail invitation for a Moto press event next week in New York City. The invite didn't tell us much, but it promised that Motorola would present "The Mobile Experience," and CEO Ed Zander and other company execs would talk about "what's next."

We can only hope that "what's next" is something other than a thin phone. And according to the latest cell phone dish, that will be the case. At a tech conference in San Jose yesterday, Zander said Moto would use next week's event to unveil a "media monster" cell phone. The unnamed handset will be able to play full-length movies from SD cards and show video at 30 frames-per-second (the same as on a standard TV). Admittedly, that sounds petty cool, but I'm not so thrilled with watching an entire movie on a tiny cell phone display. Of course, I hope the phone can make good calls, too.

Before you get too excited Zander said Moto will first target the device at the European market, due to the widely available 3G networks there. It will come to North America as well, but we have no idea when. Stay tuned next Tuesday as Crave attends the event in force.