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Moto: Atrix-style dock coming to more phones

In an investor conference call today, Motorola's CEO said the Atrix 4G's laptop-like dock will be rolled out to more of the company's high-end handsets this year, and more tablets are on the way.

More of these? Yes, please. Sarah Tew/CNET

Motorola grabbed the spotlight a few weeks ago when it introduced its Atrix Android-powered smartphone. The handset isn't just a fairly impressive smartphone, it also has the capability to combine Voltron style with a type of dock that turns it into a laptop replacement.

Motorola is calling the gadget a "webtop" computer. It's not meant to be a user's main computing device--it uses the handset as a primary brain, so it's underpowered when compared with even a Netbook--but it's an interesting competitor to other not-as-laptop portables, like tablets.

And despite having its own tablet on the market, the Xoom, Moto said it's bringing the "webtop" experience to more of its handsets this year.

In an investor conference call today, Moto's CEO Sanjay Jha said that all of Moto's high-end Android handsets later this year will having docking capabilities.

Jha left out details--such as which phones will get docks, if the Atrix's dock will work with them, or if each phone will have its own dock--but we're assuming we'll learn more about that as the year goes on.

In addition to the docks, Jha said Moto was working on a smaller 7-inch tablet, perhaps a version of the Xoom, that would be out later this year. Again, he was scant on details, but it looks like Moto has plans for the more-than-a-smartphone, less-than-a-Netbook market, which is heating up. Motorola appears to be in the early stages of a big comeback, and this news could help it along.