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Motion-sensor game for Sony Ericsson phone

The iPhone may get all the attention, but this one uses an accelerometer too.

Tech Shout

It may take awhile for people to regularly use only hand gestures to play games on the phone, but that's not stopping new titles from coming out. The latest is called Get Cookin' from Glu Mobile, which was developed specifically for Sony Ericsson W910 handsets.

The motion sensor technology required to play the game, which lets you prepare meals Cooking Mama-style, uses the kind of accelerometer that has gotten a lot of press because of the iPhone's version: It changes the display's orientation depending on the angle of the handset. With Get Cookin', you can flip burgers, add seasonings, and create recipes with a combination of gestures and buttons.

It's not as if we'll all be bowling on mobile displays anytime soon, but you never know. After all, they already have their own "Zeemote."