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Motion-sensing, laser-laden sculpture is 'Fluidic' in the language of light

If the Kinect motion-tracking system impresses you, check out how a similar technology (plus a whole bunch of lasers and Ping-Pong balls) creates a sinuous interactive art experience.

Not your typical "movie." Whitevoid Designs

With a wave of your hand, bright lasers cascade across 12,000 translucent spheres that hang above a reflecting pool, creating a flickering, sinuous symphony of light. The ethereal experience isn't a dream, but rather Fluidic, a hybrid light show and sculpture that responds to viewers' movements.

Created by Berlin-based design studio Whitevoid Designs for Hyundai's Advanced Design Center, "Fluidic -- Sculpture in Motion" is just one of many interesting art exhibits on show during Italy's Milan Design Week, which runs through this weekend.

A broader look at Fluidic. Whitevoid Designs

The mesmerizing display features a clutch of high-speed laser projectors that pour various shades of light on thousands of spheres. Multiple 3D camera tracking systems monitor people by keeping tabs on their joints and posture, so when someone waves his or her hand, the exhibit responds accordingly.

Fluidic transforms the idea of the ebb and flow of life, instinctive natural rhythms, and the ability to adapt and evolve into "an organized cloud" that senses "the presence of life around the arrangement," Whitevoid says in a statement.

"Shaped by human interactions, the molecules begin to swarm -- aggregating and accumulating. They are constantly in motion, reacting and adapting with the people who seek to engage with the installation."

See more amazing photos of Fluidic in Whitevoid's Flickr album.